Doris is a very empathetic and focused Coach, clarifying the coaching goal before each session. She creates a safe space every time so that I completely trust in the process. She supports me in reflecting on my topics from different angles without leading me in any direction. Her coaching sessions are fun, full of humor, challenging, supporting, and at the same time very clarifying. I can only recommend working with Doris!

B. Poytinger
(Head of Components and Vehicles, IAV)

I reached out to Doris to help coach our Directors/Leads in improving communication within teams, providing them guidance on what it means to be a team lead and how to build trust and delegate more responsibility amongst their teams. I also had the pleasure of receiving guidance on HR-related topics like how to improve company morale, how to resolve conflict, how to build processes, and how to structure my day-to-day for a more efficient and effective way of working. Doris is a very friendly and warm person. The process was structured and method-driven. Whether you need guidance and coaching on something specific such as improving yourself as a leader or you need guidance in your next career/life move, I highly recommend Doris as a coach!

C. Schulze
(HR Business Partner and Regional OM, Priceless)

This summer I had the opportunity to start systemic coaching with Doris. I have one regret… why didn’t I do this before? I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions in my life. Despite good diplomas, vast work experience, and many other assets, I felt stuck, not knowing which direction to take. Doris helped me remove blockages and deal with past trauma. Working in the creative field, I thought our sessions would benefit me professionally, but I’m realising how they are positively influencing all aspects of my life. I had initially planned to work with her for a few weeks, but have decided to continue longer!

L. Toivio
(General Manager & Curator at Hosek Contemporary Gallery)