Work With Me

I empower self-help.


During the initial consultation, we collaborate to establish clear objectives, pinpointing the core issue at hand. Using this insight, I craft a tailored quote.

In the analysis phase, we dissect facts from interpretations, visualize supportive and inhibiting beliefs, and uncover your role in the situation, paving the way for potential solutions. Together, we explore alternative perspectives and devise actionable steps for integration into your daily routine. Each coaching session concludes with a summary of insights to ensure sustainability.

We conclude the process with strategies for the long-term application of what you have learned.

You choose whether to meet in person or go virtual with video calls for all appointments.

Organizational development

During our initial consultation, we define clear objectives and pinpoint the core issue. Based on this discussion, I tailor an offer.

Starting with a thorough analysis of the organization and its environment, I work with you to identify patterns, relationships, and dynamics. By involving all relevant stakeholders, we collaboratively develop visions, goals, and strategies. Implementation occurs gradually, with ongoing reflections and adjustment being crucial.