I am passionate about accompanying individuals through career changes, helping them make important professional decisions, and working with them to define and sustainably integrate their goals into their lives.

The impact of digitalization on our collaboration, along with diverse and flexible organizational forms and an increasingly fast-paced environment, is shaping our current working lives. As a certified systemic coach for individuals and companies with a focus on “new work”, I collaborate with my clients to find ways and opportunities to successfully navigate these new challenges.

I have 25 years of experience in Human Resource and Operations Management in international and fast-growing companies.

Born in Austria, my professional journey has taken me to Brussels, Barcelona, and finally to Berlin.

Empathic listening and solution-oriented, joined-up thinking form the basis of my successful work. My goal is to inspire my clients and support them in organizing their private and professional lives in a fulfilling and successful way. To remain an ideal companion for my clients, I continuously engage in further training, learn from every coaching session, and reflect on my work in supervision groups.