Organizational Development

Companies are in a state of constant change – both internally and externally. To thrive and position themselves for the future, they must consistently adapt to evolving conditions. Keeping pace with the rapid changes in the workplace is a challenge for many organizations.

The new working world, often referred to as “new work“, embodies values such as independence, freedom, and co-creation. It aims to foster personal development and creativity, making significant contributions to the job market.

As a seasoned organizational development consultant, I guide rapidly expanding, multicultural enterprises in structuring and executing method-driven, customized transformations. My expertise lies in fostering and cultivating desired cultures, empowering leadership potential, and addressing stress and heavy workloads. Establishing a solid foundation for authentic communication is of utmost importance to me.

I work with you and your team, offering multilingual support, through various formats including consulting, training & workshops, individual coaching, and team coaching.

Practical experience is crucial for personal development. Therefore, I structure my workshops and coaching sessions, whether conducted online or in person, with a brief theoretical introduction followed by ample practical exercises.

Selecting the appropriate methods depends on the specific challenges and goals of your organization.

As needed, I employ various methods such as:

  • 4 quadrants according to Ken Wilber
  • Presencing according to Theory U
  • Strategy development through co-creation
  • Systemic constructivist consulting approach
  • Internal team according to Friedemann Schulz von Thun
  • Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg

Throughout the process, we prioritize an agile mindset, sustainability, and achieving success.

With me, you are booking a coach, consultant and trainer with over 20 years of professional experience as an operations manager and human resources developer in companies of various sizes, industries, and countries.

The INQA program provides financing for professional guidance of up to €11,520 for SMEs to assess the need for change in the context of digital transformation and to prepare for the future. I am a certified INQA coach and can assist you with this program in German and English.

Let’s discuss your requirements and transform your work environment together.

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